Some of the first non-news of 2009 for Christopher Nolan’s (hopefully) inevitable Batman 3 has gone up on the web.  The kids over at Splashpage have posted a quickie piece with Dark Knight producer Chuck Roven at the recent People’s Choice Awards.  As expected, the obvious questions were asked and Roven gave pretty much the obvious answers.  Mainly that Nolan and Goyer are “talking and thinking,” and that he doesn’t know anything more than we do at this point. 

The interview is fairly unremarkable, but at least the non-news is coming from someone directly in the know rather than the typical internet BS non-news.  I do like how Roven is debating whether or not to shove the microphone up the interviewer’s dark knight when asked the question if, in hindsight, Heath Ledger’s death would have affected the Joker’s fate and / or Two-Face’s fate.  Nevertheless, his response did seem to leave open the slight possibility for the Clown’s return. 

More non-news as it breaks.


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Thanks to Jason for the tip.