It’s probably about four years too late for a remake of The Last House on the Left.

Still, here it comes. The original, a Wes Craven joint from back in the days before his name became synonymous with mediocrity, was an effective if slightly overvalued tale of revenge featuring such lovable acts as rape, genital mutilation, and disembowelment. The remake features actual actors like Tony Goldwyn and Garret Dillahunt and judging by this recently released trailer, more of the torture porn staples most of us grew tired of sometime before the release of Hostel 2: Inverted Matarazzo.

Then again, I’m not 17 and blind to the good horror that existed before Saw so I don’t think I’m the target audience.

I’ll see this, because I want to see what approach Monica Potter has to an enemy penis, but my expectations are somewhere between “better than cancer” and “go fuck yourself”.

Click here to see it in the format and quality of your choosing

Thanks to Jason Hartman for the head’s up.