There are several things that make me happy in the movie world. The dancing robot from Rocky IV, the unrated version of Caligula, and anything starring Ron Ely.

Seeing a three minute trailer for a new Broken Lizard film is also among them.

The latest addition in their catalog is The Slammin’ Salmon, the story about a bunch of waiters at the titular restaurant, owned by Michael Clarke Duncan. Because he owes money to the mob, Duncan creates a challenge to his staff to see which of them can make the most money in one night, offering a $10,000 reward for the highest earner. Because this is Broken Lizard, silly things will happen, and it’ll probably be great, but we’ll have to see. The one negative about BL is that sometimes their trailers don’t do a good job of selling the product, Super Troopers being a prime example. Crap trailer, great movie.

You can check out the internet trailer here, complete with swearing everywhere and a gratuitous butt shot. And it is gratuitous.

Thanks to Matchstick for the tip.