It’s been said that a man’s past life will always come back to haunt them, especially if they try to cover it up. This theme has been a favorite in Hollywood for decades, but most recently used to great effect in David Cronenberg’s History of Violence. Now it seems that another riff on the ‘secret identity’ theme is currently brewing over at New Regency.

The rights to first-time author Josh Bazell’s novel, Beat the Reaper, has been acquired by Regency in the hopes that star Leonardo DiCaprio, who is also attached as a producer, will be able to bring this project to the screen and continue his golden touch.

The story is about Peter Brown, an ER doctor who’s past life as a mafia hitman starts to reemerge when a mobster recognizes him running around the hospital.

It seems the book is close in tone to the writings of Chuck Palahniuk, which will please the fans of the Fight Club author, and it’s getting pretty good reviews like the one here, so the potential for this being a good movie are increased with the attachment of Leo. Granted, it would be another mob film for him (which he excels at, by the way), but what does it matter it the material is great.

Enjoy this.