Bethesda just sent over these beautiful new screens from Fallout 3‘s first downloadable content- Operation Anchorage.

It’s hitting later this month! Once you download the pack, any time you start up a new game and leave the vault for the first time it will be marked on your map, and you’ll be able to fast-travel there whenever you want. The Operation is actually a tactical simulation that lets you fight in one of the battles that’s referenced pretty heavily in the game. It takes takes place after China invaded Alaska, and you will fight and help try and liberate it.

The update will hit with a price of 800 Microsoft Points (10 bucks), which is definitely doable for a quest that will take you around 5 hours. It will come with a new perk (Cover Ops) and new equipment, such as the Guass Rifle, Trench knife- and winter-colored Combat Armor. And can you say- Chinese Ninjas?

You’ll be able to get that amor. Bad ass.

The next two DLC packs hit over the next couple of months, which is good, because I’ve been itching to start a new game up. Wait’s almost over…