I like the video interviews where it’s me and a gorgeous girl. I don’t edit these things together – man of all seasons Jeremy Butler does that work – but I like to imagine that just as you’re getting into looking at this beautiful women you’re suddenly jarred by a cut to me. Take that!

This time the pretty lady is Odette Yustman, the star of The Unborn, a movie in which she discovers first that her unborn twin is trying to kill her and then that she’s Jewish. You may remember Odette from Cloverfield, where she may or may not have survived that final collapsing underpass. You will soon see in Rogue’s Gallery, where she plays an assassin up against other assassins like Zach Galifinakis and Rob Corddry. I’m kind of super excited for that movie.

And by the way, if you remember that foreign-only butt poster for The Unborn? Yeah, that’s not Photoshopped.