Somewhere right now, Uwe is probably oiling up his gloves and taping his hands.  Sequestered in a dank, rat-infested dressing room under some German dive boxing hall being interviewed by the local media, asking for a prediction.  “Prediction?  Pain.”  Why? Because we all know how he likes to deal with criticism.

Dateline: Planet Earth.  Uwe Boll’s just been nominated for a Golden Raspberry.  Four of them actually. 

Mike Fahey over at, by way of Larry Carroll of MTV Blog, posted a story detailing how Mr. Anti-Oscar has just been positioned to sweep the big swinging dick categories at this year’s Razzies: Worst Director, the Razzing Thalberg award (just made that up) for Worst Career Achievement, and two Worst Picture nods for Postal and Dungeon Siege.  Even though he’s got two horses in that last race, he’s up against the thoroughbreds of Meet Dave, The Happening and High School Musical 3.

My money’s on Uwe in the director category at least.  He’s been nominated twice before, once each for BloodRayne and Alone in the Dark, but never had the chance to shine.  Nevertheless, win or lose (not sure which is which here), Boll is in rarified territory with that Worst Career Achievement nod, with only four previous winners, and none in the last 20+ years (according to Wikipedia anyway): Ronald Reagan, Linda Blair, Irwin Allen and Bruce the Rubber Shark.

In all honesty coming down on Uwe Boll is no real challenge.  This is the most maligned director in the world.  Ragging on him is kind of like a Predator skewering a pregnant chick: no sport.  I have nothing really against the guy.  He does his movies, I don’t watch them.  It’s not a complicated relationship.  Considering how aware he is of his critics and his ability to apparently roll with the punches by continuing to crank out movies, I’d like to see him actually show up and accept an award if he gets it.  He could then break it over the head of the schmuck giving it to him as his latest FU to the world.

Gracias to ElCapitanAmerica for the tip.