Part time professional radio listener, part time professional Sewer Chewer Eric Cordo dropped me an email after listening to Benicio Del Toro chatting with Howard Stern about The Wolf Man. As I haven’t heard the broadcast, I’m taking Eric’s words and inferences to be true:

He was on the Stern show today and Howard started asking him questions about The Wolf Man, saying that he was excited about it. Del Toro did his best deflection job he could, and when Stern dug in by telling him he was looking forward to a serious version of The Wolf Man with an Academy Award winning actor Del Toro replied that was “as serious as it can be”. with the inference that it’s a silly premise so don’t expect much. He seemed to be taking it very seriously in pre-production and once the direction changed he might not have liked where it was going and stopped caring. Bottom line he didn’t sound like he had any confidence in the film, despite the seemingly promising November release.

If you heard the same Stern show and can confirm or refute what Eric took from the interview – he’s obviously drawing a number of conclusions here – drop me a line at devin at

But if Eric is right, it fits in with the buzz I’ve been hearing. There’s not as much positive word on The Wolf Man as I would like to hear, and I’m afraid the movie got rushed into production. I don’t know how ‘promising’ a November release for a movie like this really is, to be honest – it feels more like counterprogramming than Oscar bait, and I have to wonder why if you’re eschewing the summer you don’t open it in October as Halloween fare.