I used to check the Hollywood Reporter every Wednesday to get the latest MPAA ratings, but it seems that this function has now migrated to Rope of Silicon, who is running the Gs and PGs and Rs (although are they running them all? What I liked about The Hollywood Reporter is that they gave ALL the ratings, even for the weird direct to video stuff).

ANYWAY. Rope of Silicon informs us that two anticipated things from 2009 have ratings: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and Tales of the Black Freighter, the animated extra feature for the upcoming Watchmen DVD (and which I believe will be hitting shelves as its own DVD alongside the film’s release).

Harry Potter is taking home a PG rating “for scary images, some violence, language and mild sensuality”, making it the first PG rated Potter since Prisoner of Azkaban. Since that was a pretty good movie I’m not too worried about the rating, even though I do remember the book having some dark real world connotations as Voldemort’s Death Eaters begin terrorist attacks on London.

Tales of the Black Freighter, meanwhile, got an R. That’s pretty obvious for a story about a guy who makes a raft out of bloated, rotting corpses.

By the way, also on this week’s list: Observe and Report. I love this rating explanation:

Rated R For pervasive language, graphic nudity, drug use, sexual content and violence.