No, David Goyer does not spend his three and a half or so minutes with me talking about the third Batman film. I know a lot of press went to this junket simply to get those stories out of him (and he doesn’t really have any stories to give at this point), but I was there because… I liked his new movie.

This isn’t my review, so I won’t go deep into it, but I will say that The Unborn was, for me, an effective enough B horror movie. Goyer’s not reinventing anything with this story of a twin who died in the womb who wants to be born after all, but he’s presenting some creepy imagery and some nice atmosphere, and in a PG-13 package that doesn’t feel neutered. And it’s not a sequel! Not a remake! It even has some elements in it that I think qualify either as straight up ‘new’ or at the very least ‘rarely used.’

The Unborn opens this Friday. Later this week I’ll be bringing you my interview with the yummy Odette Yustman, as well as my full review.