It’s Dead Projects Day here at CHUD! First we erected tombstones for Shazam and Ender’s Game, and now the Fright Night remake can be buried, in a small unmarked grave off by the highway boundary of the cemetery. Right where it belongs.

Ryan Rotten has the project’s post-mortem, which basically boils down to the fact that Screen Gems wanted something that was half Fright Night, half The Funhouse, and the script was never cracked. So the thing is dead (for now, as Rotten says) and will hopefully stay that way.

So take this as a reminder to refresh yourself with Tom Holland’s enduringly fantastic original. Last summer I had the great pleasure to see the film with Holland in attendance at the New Beverly, and I couldn’t believe I’d forgotten what a tasty little piece of filmmaking it is. If you need a reminder, too, just grab the DVD from us and Amazon and relive Holland’s horror-lovin’ vision.