The first time I watched this Japanese trailer for Watchmen, which just went up on YouTube a couple hours ago, I wondered if it was a fake. (It would be the most amazing fake in a long time.) I thought that because this thing shows so much…granted, if you don’t know the source material it’s probably difficult to distinguish potential spoilers from routine info. But since most of you have read the source, I expect there’ll be some surprise at what’s shown here. (No squid. Stop it.)

That said, I love this trailer. It takes a totally different approach compared to the stuff we’ve been seeing. It’s much more interested in providing a political and historical context for the story, rather than establishing it as another big superhero movie. I wonder if the people who have been expecting something quite shallow from Snyder might look at the film differently after seeing it.

Needless to say, if you want to check it out I’d do it now, rather than waiting to get home from work. Don’t expect this one to last long. (I’m looking for a more solid source in better quality; if you find one, please shout.)

Thanks to Kyle for the fast heads-up.