The Spielberg/Jackson collaboration on Tintin just got a little bit more exciting for an over the hill nerd like me – Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have signed on to play the twin detectives Thomson and Thompson. I didn’t make a mistake with that spelling.

Obviously Frost and Pegg are not twins, or even look like they’re related, but that’s the beauty of mocap – when all those pixels are in place you won’t be able to tell the difference.

The duo (who had been rumored (if you can consider Pegg saying that Spielberg wanted them for the part ‘rumored’) for months) will be joining Andy Serkis, who is playing drunken Captain Haddock. That leaves the entire rest of the cast to be filled out with just a month before production begins. They had  a Tintin cast, but young Thomas Sangster had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts, thus beginning a downward spiral that will surely see him robbing a convenience store at some point. How shitty must that be, to be the lead in a Spielberg/Jackson co-production but have to drop out at the last minute?

Thanks to Beaks at Aint It Cool for confirming this casting. As he mentions in his article, we should be getting a lot of Tintin news in the weeks ahead.