Ready for more spelunkin’?

Despite a few detractors (Sorry, Nick) The Descent was quite an effective horror flick. The story of a group of women trapped in a dank dark cave (METAPHOR?!) with all kinds of subhuman ghouls after them was a frightening one- claustrophobic and tense and one helluva ride. The Descent: Part 2 is on the way from first-time director Jon Harris (who has worked as editor from everything from Snatch to Stardust) and sees the lone heroine from the first film making her way back in search of her lost friends. The authorities make her do this, see, because they don’t exactly believe her story… and are more than a little bit freaked out that she’s covered in her friend’s blood.

If they make this one a straight up monster flick it’s going to be glorious. Ollie Upton, still photographer for the film, put up a bunch of stills on his personal site. (Thanks to reader Tom, who linked us to his site.) But it looks like Ollie might have jumped the gun on putting these online, however, because they’ve just come off the site as I started writing this. As you can see, though, things are looking good.