This could be a MAJOR spoiler for Terminator Salvation.

CHUD message board poster Blueharvester saw something pretty interesting in the new set of Terminator Salvation toy pictures that popped up online over the weekend: one of the half-revealed cyborg toys seems to be a character who is living it up with the human resistance. No, not Marcus – we already knew that he was a cyborg.

Here’s the photo comparison that he put together, using a clip from the latest trailer:

It’s hard to tell with the heads on these shitty Playmates toys, but that definitely looks like the same armbands the dude is wearing.

If this is the case than these toy images just revealed one of the biggest spoilers of the movie, and one that I was totally in the dark about. That’s pretty impressive, considering how much of the movie I was privy to when visiting the New Mexico set last year.

The final battle of the movie sees both Marcus and John Connor in the heart of Skynet City. I know that at least one more cyborg will be revealed (and battled) there, but will this member of the resistance betray his fellow fighters at a critical juncture during this scene?

Thanks to Blueharvester for putting two and two together for us.

Edited to add: io9 also found the hidden cyborg traitor, and before we did! Check out their story here.