Even though Russ (among others) previously reported this bit of news, it appears the almighty trades, who are notoriously slow to report anything, have finally gotten their act together regarding Forest Whitaker joining Stallone’s Expendables.

As far back as November it had been rumored that the Oscar winner with the crazy eye was high on Stallone’s list of mercenaries who are hired to overthrow an evil South American dictator, well now it looks like it’s a done deal, barring some sort of negotiating fuck up.

You people need to understand one elemental thing: the days of Citizen Kane ruling the #1 spot are numbered. Even if Stallone brings this in as a PG-13 opus, it’s STILL going to be amazing. Plus, you know there’ll be an unrated DVD with guts and brains flying all over the place. It can’t miss.

The only way this film could get better is if Sly could locate Mark Pillow and cast his out-of-work ass.