Many of my colleagues in the weblogosphere look at the poster for Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li and laugh. Sure, it’s terrible. And sure, there are design elements I don’t get – like why is the movie The Legend of Chun Li but the two fighting figures are both male – but I have to say that, at the very least the poster indicates that somebody somewhere in marketing tried. Sure, the floating heads in the bodies are BAD, but the silhouetted fighting figures (even if neither is Chun Li, our heroine) are kind of cool. Rather than smack down the entirety of the Fox marketing types, I’d like to praise the guy who came up with the basic design but who obviously got a shitload of heads foisted upon him. You came close this time, guys! Even if you did royally ruin it.

The original image comes from Kristin Kreuk Web.