As most people know, Dead Rising is an incredibly entertaining game that was fouled by some incredibly stupid design choices. Killing literally hundreds and hundreds of zombies never gets old, but a busted save system and an annoying ever-present countdown kept gamers frustrated as hell… even if they could finally live out their Dawn of the Dead fantasies in video game form.

Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop is the upcoming Wii version, which attempts to correct a few of the mistakes. Adding multiple save slots (the 360 version only allowed one!) and killing the countdown clock completely are two big steps in the right direction. Now instead of being thrown multiple tasks at once you’ll be able to choose them from a list, and although each one will be timed it sounds a helluva lot less hectic than the original games was. It’s also going to use the awesome Resident Evil 4 engine and keep the numbers of on-screen zombies as close to the 360 version as possible. This means that Dead Rising now has the same over-the-shoulder camera system, which will unfortunately eliminate the photography aspect of the original game. But add in new weapons, enemies and items, and you’ve got a game that sounds like it’s well worth revisiting.

Today they released this incredibly entertaining trailer, by a band (?) called GaGaGa Special, who does a great job of explaining what you do in the game and some of the humor that comes along with it. It’s classic stuff.


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