Terminator Salvation ‘spoilers’ ahead…

Slashfilm got their hands on some pictures of Terminator Salvation toys from Playmates and they look rotten. Just cheap and bad, especially in a world where movie toys like these appeal not just to kids but to adults with adjustment issues. Maybe there’s another line of well-made T4 toys coming. If so, these toys will forever look like knock-offs of those toys, the kind of toys you got from Chinatown if your parents were poor or cheap or didn’t care about name brands. You know, Super Robot Force instead of Transformers, or Uncanny Super Warrior. In this case the Playmates toys look like Future Terminating Robot.

Also, for those of you who have not been paying attention (we’ve been reporting this info to you for over a year at this point), these toys fully reveal that Marcus, played by Sam Worthington, is a cyborg.

That figure on the left in the image below is the T600, which so impressed me on my set visit. In real life this sucker looks a lot creepier than he does here. And no, that is not his guncock. He’s holding that; it isn’t jutting from his hips the way it appears. For more pictures, visit Slashfilm.