Rank Film Weekend Per Serial Number
1 Marley and Me $24,050,000 (-33.9%) $6,862 $106,510,000
2 Bedtime Stories $20,317,000 (-26.0%) $5,515 $85,351,000
3 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button $18,400,000 (-31.5%) $6,158 $79,011,000
4 Valkyrie $14,042,000 (-33.2%) $5,055 $60,692,000
5 Yes Man $13,850,000 (-16.9%) $4,033 $79,413,000
6 Seven Pounds $10,000,000 (-24.3%) $3,626 $60,038,000
7 The Tale of Despereaux $7,020,000 (-21.4%) $2,271 $43,742,000
8 Doubt $5,031,000 (-5.8%) $3,909 $18,730,000
9 The Day the Earth Stood Still $4,850,000 (-37.0%) $2,075 $74,299,000
10 Slumdog Millionaire $4,770,000 (+10.9%)  $7,794 $28,779,000

This just in: Telly Savalas, Frank Gorshin and a musical performance by one Mr. Burt Bacharach.

Some titles moved up this weekend, and others moved out. So say goodnight, The Spirit.Don’t let the proverbial door hit you on way out to the walk of shame. It’s early so you probably should have called a cab before you hit the shower, to wash the shame off of you. Instead, you’re going to have to stand outside, outdated iPhone in your hand, waiting to be driven to your car, hoping the morning’s air will sober up just enough to get out of Tarzana. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Or with Tarzana, I mean, you can just hop the 101, so it’s central, if by central you mean, not Long Beach.

So, instead, the weekend is topped yet again by Marley and Me. Word is that National Lampoons will be suing for the story idea, in a case similar to the Watchmen lawsuit. Marley‘s chaining his way to at least $150, if January doesn’t suck the air out of it, and could conceivably play strong into February, though $200 is out of the question. Bedtime Stories also held strong, and will be over the hundred hurdle by the end of next weekend. After that, $130 is about where it’s going to end up.

Also, playing stronger than expected is Benjamin Button. Next week offers shit competition, so it may hold stronger than the two kids films, who face kids back in school. Though perhaps Bride Wars will sap some of the date-night crowd. And that is a date-night movie argument worth having. Cresting over $100 is gonna happen, though after that will depend on award nominations and such. Of the likely nominees, only The Dark Knight has made more money, so Button’s a likely lock on that point. And that Milk and Frost/Nixon are not doing as good numbers as Doubt and Slumdog Millionaire is going to hurt the formers, and probably help the latters. Shoot(s).

Valkyrie looked to be a big helping of bomb, but the release date saved the fuck out of the picture. When all is said and done, that the picture has a chance to scrape its way near $100 means that though old wounds likely haven’t healed, but they haven’t become infected either. And since Tom Cruise is proud of his money streak, it’s possible they will twist some fingers to get their picture to hold until it crosses that nine digit finish line. Which means it will outperform Will Smith’s latest, which is shocking, though Yes Man should be able to get it’s limp on and get to a hundred.

For what it is, Desperaux found its niche and has played stronger than you would expect. Probably some late stage advertising, or parents not wanting to deal with the crowds on the other pictures. It also looks less crass, so perhaps that helped it’s case. And speaking of niche, The Day the Earth Stood still didn’t find one, though it can at least say it’s not as embarrassing as The Spirit.