Rob Zombie updated his MySpace blog with an exclusive sneak preview of Michael Myers’ new mask. Keep in mind that this isn’t the finished product. What? You don’t want to keep that in mind? You want to get right to scrutinizing every piece of H2 news from now until the film’s release? That is just so…awesome! I always felt a little left out when Zombie took his first crack at the Halloween franchise because I wanted to wait and see the film before I formed an opinion about it. By the time that happened, everybody had already been hating the film for months. Now’s my chance to get an early start on bashing the film– It’s clobberin’ time!

Frankly, I think this is mask is a horrible way to go. Michael Myers doesn’t wear an orange mask, and he was certainly never transformed into orange rock by cosmic radiation! And where the fuck is the hair? This film will be a travesty!

And sure, maybe this isn’t finished and they still have to add the color and attach the hair. But what am I supposed to do? Give the film a chance and not unfairly scrutinize every single detail. I can’t travel back in time to make cracks about the film based off very little information. What I can do, however, is remember that second chances only come around every so often.