While we were all in bed yesterday nursing hangovers, Fangoria quietly announced the return of GOREZONE, Not to be confused with the current British Gorezone, or the website! For those of you who missed out on this classic mag, it was an extension of Fango that ran in the 80s and 90s and focused on the more hardcore, underground stuff.

Full disclosure- I’ve written a couple of articles for Fango in the last few months. But as a kid who grew up with a couple of issues of Gorezone hidden in my house (You think my parents would let me own these? Please.) it’s fantastic to think that the new generation could have the same thrill looking at all these insane new movies coming out. Course, now that everyone has the internet, the point may be moot. 

It’s also undeniably ballsy of them to be releasing another magazine in these economic times, especially one that will focus on independent and international horror as well as special effects. But it’s always nice to have another horror source out there.

There’s not much info on when it’s going to appear besides “2009”, but check out their page for updates in the coming weeks.