This one’s a couple days old, but hopefully you spent the last week mostly off the interwebs, reconnecting with real people, reaffirming life and all that treacly shit. (I did, or tried to, and look what it’s done for my outlook.) In a nutshell, Variety has it that thanks to scheduling conflicts Hugh Jackman is no longer in the running for Cleo, Steven Soderbergh’s wild 3D musical about Cleopatra. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Ray Winstone are reportedly still in talks (to play Cleopatra and Julius Ceasar, respectively) but without Jackman I’m curious to see to whom Soderbergh will turn for Mark Antony. Anyone know if Mark Strong can sing?

If you spent last year under a rock and missed our breathlessly befuddled coverage of this project, Cleo is based on a script by former Guided By Voices bass player James Greer, and will reportedly feature new music from GbV.