Sometimes my colleagues in the webospherelog go nuts about something and I pay attention, check it out and then am left bewildered. Case in point: a clip reel called 2008: The Cinescape. It’s a collection of clips from the dozen movies this guy saw this year (and probably a couple of images he liked from trailers, like the bit from Waltz With Bashir) set to Sigur Ros. The Sigur Ros is probably the best part of this montage, which has a schmaltzy feel and obviousness that makes me believe this guy has a long career of forehead slappingly bad Oscar montage reels ahead of him. Ham-handed manipulation is one skill this guy has down pat!

But hey, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m a bitter old fool, and sweeping music accompanied by familiar visuals is totally meaningful. OMG I recognize that bit! It’s artistic!

But perhaps the point of this was to show that so much of Hollywood is meaningless, disjointed visuals set to manipulative music. That could be the message!