In the GI Joe movie Destro’s arms supply company (which is a front for Cobra, I guess) is called MARS – Military Armaments Research Syndicate. Is any group that calls itself a Syndicate a good guy group? Ever? It’s like when Magneto called his group The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants – you’re not leaving a lot to the imagination. I would think Military Armaments Research & Supply might be a less sinister sounding name.

But then again, considering that their foot soldiers look like faceless robot drones, maybe they aren’t trying to hide much at all. (with a dollar and URL you too can be a Hollywood player) has acquired what they claim to be pictures of the MARS Soldiers – what we used to call Cobra Infantry or Vipers. At least these are the pictures that will be on the back of the movie tie in toys.

I imagine these are mock ups of some sort – internal stuff so that designers can check it out – since it seems to make no sense to have one sentence of information repeated in every UN member nation language. Surely they could put more interesting info in those spots. Click here to see the entire character card (and the huge ass watermark! Annoying, but helpful in a world where blogs steal your entire image) to find out of what I speak.

GI Joe is not one of the big movies of 2009 (much like Star Trek), since EW opted not to cover it in their big movies of 2009 piece. Sorry, Paramount. Next time start your own shitty movie magazine like Time Warner did!