Hey there!

Ever wonder why there aren’t more romantic comedies with Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson? Now you don’t need to, because Last Chance Harvey is here!

The film centers on a man down on his luck who finds an unlikely romance in the form of Emma Thompson as he deals with career and family strife.

No, he is not reprising his Mumbles character from Dick Tracy.

“Beeeebeeego! Beeeebeeenow! Beeebego!”

This looks like a nice little film that we’ve got passes for our Atlanta readers to enjoy, ones who simply need to click the link below to attempt to obtain a pass (good for two) for themselves to.

So give Harvey a chance!

Note: Send in your request ASAP, as the screening is on the 5th and our mail service is lame.

Note: This screening is not to be confused with Last Chance Lee Harvey, Oliver Stone’s upcoming romantic tragedy.