On Christmas Eve, MySpace posted a new Watchmen featurette with a lot of new footage and interview clips from Zack Snyder explaining the characters. You probably don’t need to hear who these figures are at this point. (Though I’m sure there will be a few complaints about how Snyder characterizes them, because he’s fairly superficial about it — i.e. he’s introducing them to people who’ve never read the graphic novel.) But the new footage is great to see; I like The Comedian’s delivery when he answers Nite Owl about the American Dream. Having just re-read the novel, however, I’m sad to be reminded that Rorschach is no longer hiding in Moloch’s fridge. (EDIT: Actually, I’m wrong there — here we see another Rorschach visit to Moloch, not his first, where the fridge-lurking takes place.)

Now you can resume hoping to see the movie on time, and in un-messed-with by Fox form. Wonder if Fox has a squid ending somewhere they can splice in?

Thanks to several tipsters who gave the heads-up.