The fellow above is S&M Hunter, a bondage superhero. I don’t know if you can make it out, but he’s wearing a bowler hat, a priest collar and an eyepatch with a skull on it. And he’s the subject of the next CHUDsploitation column. I usually don’t announce my subjects in advance, but this is a good opportunity to turn your attention to Pink Eiga, a new DVD label that will be releasing Japanese ‘pink’ films. Pink film are softcore porn movies with low budgets and, very often, surprising artistic ambition. I first encountered pink films at this year’s Fantastic Fest. One pink film I saw, called A Lonely Cow Weeps At Dawn, is a mindblowingly strange movie that’s one part indie family drama, one part Alzheimer’s tragedy and one part submissive sex creepathon. It opens with an old man waking up and going to the barn to milk his cows. Amidst the bovines, naked on all fours, is his daughter in law. He tries to milk her and is concerned that she won’t produce. It gets stranger from there, and sort of touching as well. This isn’t your standard Skinemax stuff.

S&M Hunter is one of the first titles available from Pink Eiga. If you want to play along at home, click here to order your copy so you too can enjoy the world of girl gangs, kidnapped gays, Japanese women dressed in Nazi outfits  and the tender, painful love of the rope.