MSRP: $19.99
RATED: Not rated
RUNNING TIME: 220 minutes

• Web Clips
• Lil’ Bush Girl Viral Video
• Audio Commentaries
• Animatics

The Pitch

Is it January 20th yet?

The Humans

Lil’ Bush, Lil’ Condi, Lil’ Cheney, Lil’ Rummy, President George H.W. Bush, Lil’ Jeb, Barbara Bush, Lil’ Barack Lil’ Hillary, Lil’ Al, Lil’ Rove.

The Nutshell

The cartoon that devolves Dubya, his political pals and opponents into little kids.  No topic is safe, from Gitmo, to Iraq, to Katrina as Lil’ W causes mischief and destruction in the name of doing the right thing…for themselves.

The Lowdown

Lil’ Bush is an odious cartoon, with admittedly a couple of humorous moments in an otherwise cavalcade of ill-willed, skewering satire.  But at least it’s equal opportunity skewering, as both sides of the political spectrum are portrayed as either stupid, naive or just plain evil little shits, although it’s mostly the Lil Republicans who get away with murder.  Lil’ Georgie is a spoiled, inept, free-wheeling rabble-rouser who attends school with all of his Beltway cronies: a sycophantic Lil Condi, a hawkish Lil Rummy, a mumbling Lil’ Cheney with a penchant for eating live animals, and a retarded Lil Jeb.  Together, they’re the cool kids at Beltway Elementary School, and practically untouchable for all of the shit they end up causing.

The show takes the missteps of the Bush presidency and translates them into misadventures for the tykes.  They get into such escapades as restructuring the St. Patrick’s Day parade as a front to get rid of the gays, the Puerto Ricans, the midgets and anyone else not included in the red-state paradigm (“St. Patrick’s Day”).  “Katrina” has Bush and the others heading down to New Orleans to help rebuild, but only causing more havoc than the storm itself.  “Weekend at Saddamy’s” finds the gang camping in Baghdad and “Afghanistan” finds Lil Cheney as the unwilling heart donor for Osama Bin Laden and the rest of the group tasked to go to Afghanistan to rescue him.

Lil’ Bush is an unrepentant shot at our current leaders; although the Democrats aren’t portrayed any better. The show is heavy with the gore, language and political incorrectness, which doesn’t entirely (like 98% give or take) make it unwatchable, but mostly it’s just a sour reminder of the sorry current state of affairs that I’m eager to put behind me.  

The Package

The show is in TV standard and the animation is clean, if simplistic.  In terms of special features, there are audio commentaries for various episodes by the show runners and actors.  On Disc 1, there are web clips and a Lil Bush Girl Viral Video, which is a send up of the Obama Girl video from the campaign.  Disc 2 has animatics of the show.  If you have any interest in this show, you’d do better to just catch the reruns on Comedy Central.  This disc, like the show pretty much, isn’t worth the effort.

3.6 out of 10