I’m not totally keen on Media Molecule selling so many new costumes and level packs for LittleBigPlanet already, since the  game just came out… but I have to admit that they’ve got some cool stuff on the way.

Metal Gear Solid fans have it the best.You can already get Solid Snake, Meryl Silverburgh, Screaming Mantis & Raiden costumes for your sack person (for a couple bucks each, or in a pack), but there’s now a new premium level pack out. It contains a “Gurlovich Soldier” costume, as well as new stickers, objects and music. The biggest new feature though is the Paininator. This cool-looking tool allows you to shoot paintballs with a click of the R1 button. Besides that there’s going to be 12 new trophies to unlock. 6 bucks for all that!

They always do a fantastic job of cutting trailers, though. You’ve seen Sackzilla, right?

The exclaimation points crack me up to no end. In any case, it’s good to see a steady stream of new stuff from LBP, because this is the kind of game I can see picking up every month or so just to see what else there is to try.