Dopey internet news repurposers strike again. There’s no Star Wars musical, people. Believe me, I wish there was. How funny would that be?

No, what’s happening is that people who don’t look at original news stories are seeing this on Yahoo News:

George Lucas has signed off on Star Wars: A Musical Journey, a two-hour live musical event featuring a Stormtrooper kick line and singing Wookiees John Williams‘ Oscar-winning score.

Rather than clicking through to the original story for an explanation – after all, that sentence is fucked up, and why does no one mention who is doing the lyrics or anything? – they just report that there is a Star Wars musical.

To the people who ran this: you are stupid.

A simple click through to the original story shows this:

See that strike through on the Stormtroopers and Wookies part? It was a joke. Now it makes sense. Actually, it always made sense IF YOU WERE AT ALL INTELLIGENT.

Anyway, it’s a show featuring score highlights set to clips from the movie. That’s it. No dancing. No singing. Just John Williams’ score.

Somebody get Cinemablend and anybody else who ran this wrong story some reading lessons for Christmas.