Despite my title not making a whole lot of sense, except that Zager And Evans are friggin’ classic, I am still living with my parents at the age of 25 ( maybe it does make sense after all…)

It’s mostly out of a financial need, as I’ve barely begun working in the job force, and I still need to get my feet under me. I’m also not going anywhere soon, as the job I currently have is going to expire soon, as the place is (like just about everywhere else) going through financial difficulties.

I never have moved out. I commuted to college, because it was a damn sight cheaper than living over there, and it was only a 60 mile round trip. I still do that now since my job is a town over from where I went to college so I’m used to it. I never thought of myself as one of those guys who immediately wanted independence as soon as I hit 18 and wanted to strike out on my own so I could live on my own pride.

I’m not afraid to ask for help, and my parents have always been there for me, so there really was no need to leave. If someone lives with shitty parents, then I could completely see going out on their own, but if it’s a good environment, why leave so soon?

When I was really ill this past January, it was my Mother who drove me to the clinic and stayed with me there. She’s retired now, so that definitely helped, but I couldn’t really see myself drowsy and with a swollen throat driving myself to the clinic.

It only makes good sense (at least to me) to still be living with them. I give them money of course, but I don’t pay rent, and since I’m still getting myself financially straight, this is really helping me out. I know others don’t have this luxury, but I’m glad that I do. I don’t give them enough money since I’m in an internship that demands a hefty monthly fee (although they did help me land my current job, so there’s not much complaining that I can do that’s valid.) The monthly fee expires at the one year mark, and I’m almost there, so I know that after that, I’ll be able to give them more money to help them out.

Eventually I’ll have to move out, and I hope to achieve that before I’m 30. Right now it’s no problem, but if I’m that age and still living with them I think it’s going to be way past weird. If I’ve got the finances and the means to be on my own, then I’m going to do that. Not doing that would just make me a friggin’ leech. I don’t want to be a leech. I want to buy my own home rather than rent, so that’s another thing that’s going to keep me here a few more years. The way the economy is, I think I”ll be able to get a house for a really good price within the next year or 2 anyway.

There are also great little things that my parents just surprise me with. Just today, a package came in the mail. I opened it and found a Guitar Hero shirt. I had no recollection whatsoever of ordering it. Turns out my Mother bought it for me for $6 plus the coupon that came with the box of cereal I had gotten some time back. Things like that remind me why it’s not necessarily a bad thing to be still living with my parents. Especially such caring ones as the ones I have.

Rene’s song of the day: “In The Year 2525” by Zager And Evans

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