Terminator Salvation overdrive begin!

The marketing for this movie is about to get serious. In a couple of weeks journalists will get their first glimpse at real footage from the movie as Warner Bros takes the Zack Snyder roadshow concept – 20 minutes of footage, reception – and applies it to McG’s opus. I bet we see something at the Super Bowl. A new poster – the still version of that Flash poster I showed you a few weeks back – is in your local theater right now. And new pictures will start to hit the web.

Some leaked today. Slashfilm and Film School Rejects both have the pictures, which I’m assuming comes from some Russian site*. The first, which is below, shows John Connor putting his finger into the maw of a disabled hydrobot model Terminator – there’s some seafaring action in this movie, which is where these guys come into play. The sites also have scale sketches of the hydrobots and an image of a figure – looks like Sam Worthington to me – walking across an apocalyptic landscape.

*here’s a rule of thumb – unless a picture was specifically leaked to a site it always comes from a Russian site. That’s because, for whatever reason, the foreign marketing arms of the studios are totally lax and do things like store pictures on public servers or just send out pictures in strange defiance of the home base’s marketing plan. I guess that didn’t matter fifteen years ago, but in the age of the internet what does international marketing even mean anymore? It’s all connected.