At this year’s Fantastic Fest I saw a movie that felt like a David Fincher chef film. Estomago: A Gastronomic Story is a Brazilian/Italian film that manages to make the culinary arts very cinematic, and which has a very twisted streak. It’s a great movie, one that I don’t know will ever be released in any capacity in the United States (another reason why film festivals are so great for people who really crave obscure gems).

But Fincher’s not remaking Estomago, and in fact his cooking movie, Chef, sounds like it’s a whole lot lighter than the foreign tale of a masterful cook who ends up in prison. “It’s good and chewy,” he tells MTV. “It’s like a celibate sex comedy if that means anything.”

No, it doesn’t really. Unless food is a metaphor for sex, which is likely the case – the sensuality of the two pleasures of eating and screwing are often transposed. Fincher says that the artistry of a good chef is something that appeals to him. “It’s really about the creative process,” he said.

There’s no word on when Chef would get going, if it even does.