A massive amount of new content from Resident Evil 5 has hit this week. Some of it is thanks to Capcom’s recent Resident Evil/Bionic Commando event (that I wasn’t invited to, though a certain lucky bastard editor for this site was that I won’t name*), but of course it’s also almost time for the game itself and the marketing is ramping up considerably. March, people. Less than 3 months till we get to experience more survival horror.

Along with some screens there are new videos of gameplay footage that showcase some new areas. Check out this look inside a refinery.

I hate that friggin’ sack-wearing chainsaw guy.

You’ll get a chance to see what a pain in the ass he is when the demo hits early next year. Provided, of course, you haven’t played the Japanese demo through nefarious means.

The demo (which is the same as the one we played in E3) showcases two different areas, and each ends with you facing a pretty brutal enemy. Check out what happens at the end of the second area if you don’t know what you’re doing-

Sidestep Resident Evil Degeneration and any news of Paul W.S. Anderson doing another shitty movie, because the real thing’s coming soon. Bring along a friend for the ride, cause you’re going to need it.

*Russ Fischer