I’m trying not to be negative about this news. But I saw The Spirit yesterday, which means I saw how Frank Miller disregarded almost everything he possibly could about the comic strip and character in favor of bringing his own style to the screen. If you’re deeply in love with Miller, especially the superficial qualities of later stuff like The Dark Knight Strikes Again, you might love The Spirit. (Despite a real resemblance to the goofy action of Takashi Miike’s Dead or Alive films, I thought the best spirit it channeled was that of The Happening.)

And, in turn, you might be excited that Miller is taking on Buck Rogers. Odd Lot, the shingle behind The Spirit, is in talks to acquire the character rights from Nu Image/Millennium. This isn’t 100% happening yet (and will The Spirit’s likely low opening have an effect?) but THR notes that with the deal closed, this would likely be Miller’s next film. Will he hire Erin Grey and put electrical tape swastikas on her nipples?

We don’t know exactly which version of the character Miller would feature, but based on his current film one might assume it’ll be his own. THR suggests something similar: “while the creator has only begun to sketch ideas, it’s expected to be a darker take, with many of Miller’s signature visual elements and themes, such as corruption and redemption.” Remember the days when this would have seemed like such a magnificent idea? 

EDIT: I’d originally mentioned Flash Gordon above, which was me being an idiot with Ornella Muti on the brain. Apologies for the confusion. Miller is only considering bloodying one classic sci-fi character, not two.