Benicio Del Toro is feeling pretty positive about his upcoming Wolf Man. So much so that he’s willing to give a pretty good Oh Don Piano quote to MTV about his Larry Talbot meeting Abbott & Costello:

“No, there’s no other monsters coming into play, that’s maybe down the line.”

But what’s down the line? The film has been moved all the way back to November, and the buzz on it has been less than stellar these last few months. Will there even be a sequel in which Wolfie has the chance to meet Frankenstein?

What’s nice is that it sounds like everybody’s taking this movie very seriously (not that I was particularly worried about this getting camped up). Check out MTV’s entire piece for some insight on Talbot’s relationship with his dad, which is changed from the original. For the better, I think.

By the way, speaking of Abbott & Costello, here’s a pitch for Universal, free of charge: remake Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein, but cast Russell Brand and Jonah Hill in the Abbott and Costello roles. This is like printing money.