What is up with Variety lately? The other day they ran an article about the new Nigerian scam movie Tracy Morgan is making, and halfway through they started referring to him as Tracy Jordan, his 30 Rock character (a joke I was going to do in full if I hadn’t been beaten to the story here on the site). Now they have an article about a new comedy called Naked, and this is their description of the story:

Gold Circle Films has acquired “Naked,” a comic script about an
insurance salesman who vows to run from Santa Monica to Studio City to
prove himself to his wife and save their failing marriage.

I live in Studio City. I have been to Santa Monica. The distance between the two is less than a marathon. How is this a movie idea?

But wait! I believe Variety done fucked up again. The movie is based on a story called The Naked Man by Fernando Sabino. How much you want to bet that the guy vows to run NAKED from Santa Monica to Studio City? Now you have a movie. A bad one, likely, but a movie nonetheless. This article has been up on Variety since last night and has not been fixed.

On the plus side, I was originally worried this was a remake of the amazing Mike Leigh film.