Morrissey says we hate it when our friends become successful, but I like to think it means I’ll get invited to cooler parties. BenDavid Grabinski, longtime Chewer (under the name xxTOXICSHOCKxx) and a guy who sometimes drunk dials me, is going from the Black List to the production list. His script, The How To-Guide For Saving the World is happening at MGM under the direction of former Coen cinematographer and Men In Black director Barry Sonnenfeld.

The script is about an instruction book for a group of folks who are tasked with saving the world from an alien menace. When that group gets wiped out, the book falls into the hands of a most unheroic guy.

“Unfortunately, a non-action-hero guy not unlike me, in terms of manliness, and a woman who hates him find the book and have to save the planet from an impending attack,” Sonnenfeld explains.

A huge round of applause for BenDavid, who is a really excellent guy and deserving of the success that’s coming his way. I’m looking forward to writing more ass-kissing articles like this one about other long-time members of the CHUD community as they break into the big time.