Damien Chazelle


December 25, 2022


Trevor Laird, Brian Bovell, David N. Haynes, Brinsley Forde, Karl Howman


The trailer is not released yet. But as trailer releases, we will update you guys


It is the story of British and Jamaican artists dealing with prejudice during the Thatcher years.


It’s an English cousin to the earlier Jamaican-set films Rockers and The Harder They Come, both are superior cinematically and cultural landmarks. On its spring/summer tour in America, it merits a warm welcome from Kino Lorber and Seventy-Seven, founded by New York City exhibition expert Gabriele Caroti, almost four decades after its Cannes debut.

“Blue” follows Blue and his friends through a series of vignettes with nothing in the way of a narrative. Some members of the gang, such as Beefy (Trevor Laird) and Lover (Victor Romero Evans), are less than tolerant of racial insults (Beverley Dublin). Babylon assumes that the spectator understands the politics at play and knows that the “NF” scribbled on a housing block wall alludes to the fascist organization National Front. When Blue is at his most vulnerable, he wanders into a Rastafarian meeting, where the leader encourages him to “let these herbs…heal your troubled mind.”