Horror fans who own an Xbox 360 have had a treat over the last couple of months- the Xbox-exclusive series Horror Meets Comedy has been showing off some pretty entertaining shorts, from a wide group of horror directors. New (and free) funny horror shorts, how can you go wrong?

The latest one hit today. It’s Adam Green’s Fairy Tale Police, which is pretty much what you’d expect from the title. It does have its funny moments (the reindeer are great), but When Zombies Attack did the whole Cops-ripoff schtick a helluva lot better.

Still, if you haven’t checked them out make sure to download them all. There are still two more on the way! The one I’m most excited about is Sparky and Mikaela, coming from James Gunn on December 24th- just in time for Christmas.

Check this page out for full details on the available shorts and to get them queued up on your system.