Doug Moench




In July 2022


New storylines and characters are needed as the Marvel Cinematic Universe branches out in new ways. The Eternals and Ms. Marvel are just two new characters introduced to viewers in the coming years. In addition, fans will get to meet a newcomer to the MCU who has the potential to offer something entirely fresh for the brand. Specifically, I’m referring to Oscar Isaac’s portrayal of the enigmatic Moon Knight. Even though the series is still a long way away, we know a few things about it.

Marc Spector will be making his MCU debut in Moon Knight. Thus, we anticipate this series to explore his genesis story. According to the comics, Spector is rescued from death by the moon deity Khonshu while in Egypt. Spector decides to become the god’s conduit and is granted superhuman powers due to his agreement. Spector establishes several identities for himself upon his return to the United States. The program may be a traditional origin story, but we won’t know for sure until narrative specifics are released.