Variety reported today that Tracy Morgan is producing Freshman Roomates with his Street Life banner. The film’s been scripted with the idea of him starring, and TJ Miller (Hud from Cloverfield) will also appear, this time hopefully on the other end of the camera.

The movie is all about Nigerian email scams. You know the kind- you probably have a dozen in your inbox right now. They usually involve someone purporting to be a King
or Prince or some other royalty (I even got Saddam Hussein’s wife once) who needs YOUR
help to get their money back. For that, they’ll give you a  percentage of their cash. All they need is all your bank info!

The plot of the film is simple- Miller plays a young guy who gets drunk one night and makes the mistake of answering one of those email scams. To his surprise, Morgan shows up at his door, as the Nigerian Prince who was seeking aid over the internet. Hilarity ensues.

I didn’t ever think Tracy Morgan was funny till I started watching 30 Rock a few weeks ago, courtesy Netflix on my 360, but now I’m one of the converted. It might just be the material (SNL didn’t do him any favors) but he is one hysterical motherfucker on that show. Let’s hope he keeps it up. Before this film hits, Morgan will appear in Mike Judge’s next sure-to-be-misunderstood film Extract.