In a surprising twist, 1UP reveals that the next game in the MGS franchise will debut on the iPhone.  Finely honed poking and pointing abilities will no doubt be tested in Metal Gear Solid Touch, appearing along with a suite of other high-profile Konami iPhone prodfests.

This reveal comes a week after a very 360-esque teaser for the game gave Microsoft fans false hope that the next iteration of the franchise would be headed their way.  It’s a little baffling that Konami would “tease” an iPhone game like that, especially given Microsoft’s close association with the green power symbol. 

Other Konami titles headed straight to the iPhone come late December include Dance Dance Revolution S Lite, Silent Hill: The Escape, and Frogger

I’m reminded of the following Norm Macdonald line:

“Happy birthday, Jesus!  I hope you like crap!”