I have no idea whether this will turn out to be the most incredible crime series of all time, given that it has sixty episodes. You can see from the early chapters that this is a classic cartel tale that revolves around the family unit. “The Snitch Cartel: Origins” has the feel of an old-fashioned soap opera, with cheesy music accompanying the emotional scenes.” —

During the 1960s and 1970s, the Netflix series follows two brothers who juggle romance, family, and ambition. We are accustomed to cartel tales having a dark undertone, but this series lacks that gritty vibe that draws viewers in with tonally dark changes. When the characters speak, the camera stays close to them, and the scenes are filmed and simple. The series is probably better as a weekly series than a binge-watch, as it’s somewhat repetitive and uninteresting.

There is some power to The Snitch Cartel: Origins in the storyline. This well-known story shows how desperate men succeed in climbing the social ladder to the top and how passion overtakes money. Every time the audience is expected to comprehend the growth of a crime lord, no matter how vague it may be, it makes for an exciting story. Even while this isn’t Breaking Bad or Narcos, its objectives are similar.

My recommendation for the Netflix series is a resounding NO! It’s a grind to get through 60 episodes. There’s a level of commitment required that wasn’t made clear in the first ten chapters. Why does Netflix release such extensive stories? I can only guess that they’ve bought the rights to an international soap opera and are selling it to Netflix as a single season.