Kate Winslet is so lovely. So easy to fall for. I want to hug her so tight that she chirps…


Yeah, so Revolutionary Road is the re-teaming of Titanic‘s bright-eyed stars [spoiler: Leo winds up entangled in Neptune’s beard at the end] and the latest effort from awards magnet Sam Mendes. Based on the Richard Yates masterwork, the novel follows a young couple in love as they endure the trials and tribulations of life in this nation in the 50’s.

This is not a science fiction film you see, but rather a deep and moving drama. The word of mouth ranges from excellent to solid but not Oscar-worthy, which can be said of every film ever to win an Oscar. I have no doubts we’ll be seeing this film bandied about for quite some time.

So, folks in six Southeasterly cities, let’s see it early and decide for ourselves! CHUD.com has got your back, as we have tons of passes for Revolutionary Road aching to find their way into your sweaty palms.

Trivia: Richard Yates’ The Easter Parade is being attempted as a major motion picture by none other than Ellen “I survived a Byrning” Barkin. Put that info in your craw for a while before you whip a social event into a frenzy with the info.

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