True story.

When we were working on MEG at New Line, there was a rumor they were going to make two out of these three films:

Hairspray. Meg. Inkheart.

Guess which one they didn’t make?

Life goes on. Hairspray was a huge hit (and an abomination!) that is leading to a sequel and Inkheart is an effects laden films for children and adults young at heart that features a nice assortment of stars [and a unicorn, which means I am taking my daughter to see this]. The January release date is a bit puzzling but the film looks like it could be pretty interesting.

Meg still circles her prey, waiting for the moment to strike. More on that in 2009…

Folks in Atlanta and Nashville, you have a chance to see Iain Softley’s fairy tale adventure about books coming to life and Brendan Fraser’s floppy bangs’ attempts to restore peace if you follow the rules, using the corresponding link below and including your mailing address in the email. Otherwise, not even a unicorn can provide the magic to get the passes to you.

In the body of the email answer me this simple question:

What is the most magical fantasy film for children AND their parents?

Emails with the The Last Mimzy listed will be digitally incinerated.