So, that Batman film this year was pretty good huh?

Want one? The DVD I mean.

I thought as much.

I have a handful of copies of The Dark Knight on DVD to send to folks like Amos Farraway of Phenix City, Alabama and Claude Shooster of Yonkers, New York. Regular folks. Folks like you. And that creep watching you through the window at this very moment.

OK, he ducked when you turned to look. Anyhow…

It would be my pleasure to send one of these to lucky readers who appreciate the time and effort we put in to provide reading entertainment [and a talkback where people can abandon all of the education and civilized upbringing they spent so much time acquiring], so I’ll keep this pretty damn basic.

Other than this DVD [which I’m sure many of you already scooped up], what two things do you most want to receive this holiday season to make this stressful month worth the effort?

Don’t even talk to me about stress this month. Try dealing with all the regular Christmas nonsense on top of having someone steal your credit card numbers and screw your account, trying to ensure the longevity of this site, and having an actor’s strike threaten the movie you’ve been trying to help get made…

But enough about my minutia…

What two items MUST you have to go into January feeling well-rested, satisfied, and further along in your own personal world domination?

List them and include your mailing address by using the link below: