Of all the wonders I experienced at Butt-Numb-A-Thon, none quite measure up to the sheer joy of the trailer for The Secret of Magic Island. A bizarre 1956 French film starring only animals, The Secret of Magic Island tells the story of a good cat witch who is battling an evil monkey sorcerer. At least that’s the best description I could come up with. The film was released in the US in 1960 as The Secret of Outer Space Island, and it came back in 1967 as The Secret of Magic Island for matinees.

The film, as you can tell from the trailer below, looks AMAZING. But apparently it’s very hard to find, especially in a 35mm print. That’s why I’m calling out to you, the Assembled Chewers, to let me know if you have or know how to get a hold of this film. I would love to see this movie; apparently Zack at the Alamo Drafthouse has found a French language version, but I need to see it in English. Any leads or thoughts would be helpful. If you have a film print of the movie, that would be doubly helpful and appreciated. Drop me an email at devin at chud.com with info.

In the meantime, enjoy this incredible trailer.