I don’t have to tell you that God of War 3 is Sony’s greatest exclusive (besides perhaps Littlebigplanet) and that when it hits in 2009 it’s going to be a system seller of enourmous proportions. But would it hurt for them to show us a little bit of the game?

The E3 trailer showed us absolutely nothing, and while this new one that premiered at the VGA does show us a bit of Kratos doing his thing, it’s short as hell. Still, nice to see him in action, and busting up folks with LION GLOVES, and that his cheeks actually puff out when he’s breathing heavy. Let’s hope this is all in-game.

The trailer really is missing something with Linda Hunt’s haunting voiceover, though. Kratos is not really known as a speaker. “EVERYTHING MUST COME TO AN END!” Alright there, Kratos, relax yourself. You’ll give yourself a hernia. I know he’s a Spartan but c’mon. 

Let’s hope the next trailer breaches the one minute mark!